Toddler Nap Mats / Nap Rolls!!!

Hello Granny Smith Apparel shoppers!  This is my first attempt at a blog post, so have patience with me please!  But, I wanted to take a moment to announce the coming arrival of some new items NAP MAT ROLLS!

Here are a few quick details about them:  

  1. There are approximately 50 patterns to pick from (give or take depending on what sells out.)
  2. The pillow is attached to the mat as is the blanket!
  3. Everything easily rolls up and closes with Velcro.
  4. There is a carrying strap to make transportation easy!
  5. They are machine washable! (The pillow is not and a front loader is recommended.)
  6. Most nap mats are 50 in long by 20 in wide.
  7. The bottom padding is approximately 1 to 1.5 in thick.
  8. They are available in Poly/Cotton blend, 100% Cotton/Flannel, and Microfiber.
  9. I will personalize the mat for you on the front pocket of the roll for NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Remember these Nap Mat Rolls are good for:  

  • Back to school for TODDLERS thru approximately Kindergarten. 
  • Day care
  • Visits to Grandparents'
  • Sleep-overs
  • Birthday gifts
Mermaid Fun!

Planes and Trains Nap Roll