Don't see it? Ask! I'll make it the way that you want.

After making many gifts, fun items, and things for others, I decided that I should make things available to others outside of my family and friends circle. I have sold my American made aprons all over the country, and embroidered them for hotels, theme parks, chefs, and many others. My birth announcement bears have also all traveled throughout the country bringing huggable memories along with new little arrivals!

My family recently encouraged me to open a little shop, but a bricks and mortar store didn't fit my lifestyle. I am a Granny on the go. I am inspired to create from what I see, experience, and need. So, here is my dream store, brought to you courtesy of Etsy.

My Etsy shop is my creative outlet! I love to experiment with my different types of fabrics and items here in my shop to make things for my friends and family. After a year of pondering, I decided to make things available to others too! I love to embroider and use sewing machines the most at the moment along with lots of applique. I have used some *bling*, sequins, buttons, beads, patches, fabric scraps and just about anything I can get my hands on to embellish my items and apparel. I also use my heat press, pin makers, hot glue guns, and lots of other secret tools too! I make customized items for individuals, schools, teams, churches, and organizations upon request. Some famous people, places, and companies have found Granny Smith Apparel specifically for my professional grade, high quality American made aprons! I started with aprons, and am very proud of them. And, now I am very proud of my other items too!!! So from my family to yours, happy looking at all of my specialty shops/items!

Come visit, sit and drink a coffee while you browse, and purchase what reaches out to you. If you have a suggestion, or need something customized, let me know! I LOVE to meet the needs of others. I am still a little slow at posting my creations so please visit often!

PS...Visit my other shops with specialty items:

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